Dire : Born by Andrew Seiple

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direbornTo start, let’s not kid ourselves. Andrew Seiple can write. Both his prose and his plot development are stellar.

The reader begins this story in media res, i.e. in the middle of a high-action scene without any of the tools to understand what’s going on. This is not an accident, but the perfect point to start this unusual ride, since Dire, the lead character of the story, knows vaguely more than we do: Someone’s after her; she has some basic tech equipment; and the city she escapes to is a dark dog-eat-dog world that has seen its share of disasters.

Having no memory of her past, she is taken in by a group of homeless misfits who have their own difficulties. It is through Dire’s interaction with these people that the reader first gets a glimpse of the things that make her special, mainly her extraordinary ability to reason…

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